CYM: Choose Your Method
Artist / Coder

CYM: Choose Your Method is an independent 2D digital art project celebrating the beauty of randomness in math and in life.

On a rotated grid, three entities (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) randomly choose one of the four cardinal directions. Each takes a "step" in this direction before choosing again for their next step. They repeat this process until one of them successfully reaches the edge of the grid, when an image is created of their paths and journeys along with the number of "steps" they have taken.

At first, these entities appear to turn in on themselves over and over again with little ability to progress outward. However, due to eventual tendencies embedded in random selection (or some might say, pure determination), they each find their own unique way. The result after each "journey" is a 3-color, cloud-like image where directions, overlaps, and patterns can be visualized, and most importantly, the beauty of randomness can be appreciated. Abstractly, this project represents how the life paths of individuals may develop both independently and interdependently, randomly and with purpose, a combination of chance and intention.

I also transported this project into a 3D space and added a series of new features which turns it into an interactive environment for live visual performance. Read about CYM3D here.

CYM is fully coded in Processing.

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